Mashaba: ANC only interested in self-gratification and corruption

Herman Mashaba the first DA elected mayor in Johannesburg, since the dawn of democracy.

The ANC in Johannesburg has tabled another motion of no confidence against mayor Herman Mashaba and speaker Vasco Da Gama.

Mashaba said in a statement that the motions were tabled on Friday.

The ANC tabled motions in Mashaba and Da Gama earlier in 2017 to have the motions debated in the September council meeting. The motions were, however, deemed inadmissable by the council’s programming committee, as the call for a secret ballot was in direct conflict with the standing rules of council.

The ANC then took the issue to the High Court in Johannesburg on an urgent basis, to have the decision to not table the motions be described as unlawful.

Acting Judge Sydwell Shangisa scrapped the application from the roll, citing a lack of urgency. The issue was that the ANC wanted the motions to be voted on by secret ballot, whereas the speaker said the rules did not provide for it.

The next council meeting will take place at the end of November.

“Since the ANC first tabled its motions, we have welcomed the opportunity to defend our record in cleaning up the corrupt mess that we inherited from the ANC,” Mashaba said.

Mashaba said the ANC’s motions had nothing to do with protecting good governance and ensuring service delivery to residents.

“Rather, these are the actions of a party only interested in self-gratification and continuing the corruption which allowed them to rob the residents of this City blind, ” he said.

He said this can be seen in the poor management of the city’s infrastructure and deteriorating services run by the former ANC administration.

Mashaba said the action “lacks substance and is nothing more than a smokescreen by the ANC to regain the city — something the electorate firmly denied them”.