Leaked emails expose Cyril Ramaphosa’s extramarital affairs


Sunday Independent’s editor Steven Motale has caught hold of a series of personal emails of the Deputy President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa last Friday which reveals his involvement in the extramarital affairs with eight different women.

In the light of the exposed emails, Ramaphosa’s office, via acting spokesperson Tyrone Seale, released a statement and admitted that the leaked emails have been extracted from Ramaphosa’s private account yet specifically claiming that the emails were hacked. Seale’s objective is to lodge a lawsuit against Motale for breaching the deputy president’s privacy.

According to the recently published expose in the Sunday Independent under the title ‘Ramaphosa, The Player’, the Deputy President has been using 3 different email accounts under the names of Mambo Dimbanyika, Singo Mabirimisa and Mambo Vele La Mbeu to converse with his women.

The conversations within the emails reveal that one of women to whom Ramaphosa lovingly calls by the name ‘Mukhethwa’ (The Chosen One) has been having a relationship with her for almost 10 years. These conversations further reveal the woman being broken-hearted about her miscarriage (a baby with Ramaphosa) and really depressed about the negligent attitude of Ramaphosa towards her. It has also been revealed that Ramaphosa had transferred considerable amounts of money to her for buying television set, couch and tool storage house.

Contrary to the evidences within the leaked emails, this particular woman when approached has bluntly denied her relationship with Ramaphosa but has confirmed her miscarriage, and that the father is not Ramaphosa.

In another email loop involving a woman of around 29 years, who is a marketing student, evidences show that she has been sending erotic pictures and very intimate videos dedicated to Ramaphosa. She had also planned for conceiving a baby with Ramaphosa. In the detailed conversations, she goes on to say how she felt the first time while meeting Ramaphosa in 2012 when she was pregnant with another man’s child.

Upon approached by the Sunday Independent, the lady confirmed about having an extra-marital affair with a married man, but not with Ramaphosa. She said “Impossible all your speculations are not true. I don’t have a romantic relationship with him. I repeat, please, I don’t know how you can try discriminate (sic) a man who has never heard of me.”

The emails further suggest Ramaphosa having a romantic affair with another woman who is also a medical practitioner. Upon approached with questions by the Sunday Independent, she is yet to respond.

The Sunday Independent is planning to launch further email conversations with the rest of the Ramaphosa’s women in its future editions.